6.3 Finding a Job

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We need to know how to find the open GRC Analyst opportunities. There are a few keywords to look for and places to look in. I know you know the keywords after taking this class, but lets revisit and look at some ways to find those jobs.

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In this section, we are going to be talking about how you can find a GRC analyst job, some of the tools that you can use for free. And some of the best practices that I would strongly encourage you use in order to, you know, kind of minimize the amount of time you spend looking for a job and maximize the amount of jobs that you actually get access to. So let's get into it. 

The very first thing that I want to point out is that just blanketly applying to random job postings, that is an option and one that you should consider and we'll look at a couple in a minute here. But networking is absolutely invaluable when it comes to finding a job in networking, meaning professional networking, social networking, we worked on getting your LinkedIn profile, not just created, but also tuned up. So it starts to really shape you as a cybersecurity professional, and you start getting engaged in those types of communications and social threads and stuff like that. 

So the very first thing that I would strongly encourage you to take advantage of is discord servers now, Discord is a communication platform and this is me pulling up the discord server right now. 

Discord is a communication platform that allows people to basically have a conversation very, very comfortably, very easily, and very informally. So think of it as like LinkedIn. Chats except much more informal. Okay, so hopefully I can make this look good for you guys. 

So I'm going to show you discord and I'm gonna show you how you can find the discord servers and stuff. So just the way the interface works, we're all on the same page. The left side right here is the different servers. These are discord servers. 

Okay, so here's my simple cyber one here is Neal Bridges, cyber insecurity, here is Black Hills, information security, digital forensics, DevOps. Okay, so there's a whole bunch of DC 940, you can find the ones you want. And I'll show you a couple that make sense for you just using the simple cyber one here, or let me use Black Hills for a minute. Okay. 

The next kind of column are channels within the server itself, right? So think of it as kind of, you know, expand like expanding, right? So these are the channels. 

Now, I want to point out that within the channels, there's different sections, right? So InfoSec news. So you can stay kind of up on developing stories and stuff like that open chat, so you can have, you know, like, hi, hi, everybody. How are you doing right? 

Now, you can see that they have all these different sections regarding InfoSec topics. So I don't see one for GRC necessarily, there's cloud security and blockchain right. So I don't see one there for GRC. But that's okay. Career Development, right. LinkedIn connects, right so people connect with each other on LinkedIn building out that professional network of other cybersecurity professionals seeking mentors right? Maybe you're wanting to go to the next level and seek a mentor. 

Here's the one I want to point out on the job board. Okay. job hunting videos, right. Jason Blanchard at Black Hills does great work. The job board, you're gonna find a lot of discord cybersecurity servers. Have this job board or something similar section, right? Where you can kind of find jobs that people are posting, some of these jobs may not actually be public yet, right? Or they're not, you know, they're not, you're not going to find them online quickly and easily. 

Okay, let's see this one, South Dakota works right. So I don't live in South Dakota. not planning on moving there. So that wouldn't be interesting to me, but Black Hills is out of South Dakota. So it's not surprising that they found it there. 

Okay. You know, employment Vulnerability Manager, okay. So you can find these jobs and, you know, apply to them, or you know, for like, for example, this person right here. scuttles post this, so I could message scuttles. Hi, I like to talk about this job, right. So, now I've basically cut the whole process of having to find the job, have no idea what it's about, really don't know anyone involved with it. 

And I can speak kind of directly to a person who posted about it, right? Maybe get some more information. It's all about saving time, right? Because, listen, how frustrating is that when you apply to a job and you never hear anything back right? Or when the job's kind of vague or it's a unicorn job where it's like a million different things, and it really doesn't make any sense. It takes time and time is something that we don't have much of so By getting an answer right away and quickly on whatever the job is that you're finding, you can save your time. Oh, that's not a good fit for me, oh, it's not remote work, I'm not going to move on to the next thing, right. And that's a huge, huge valuable time saver. 

The other thing about discord that is critically important is the actual communication, right? People in here, I will say, I find that, um, you know, you kind of start to gravitate and spend more time on certain discord servers, right, and you start meeting people. So just this is mine, right? So this is Tom pike. Tom, I met through the discord server and the simple cyber community. And now Tom and I talk, talk quite often. And I know Tom's actually looking for work right now. So when things come up, that may be a good fit. I know Tom, and I know what Tom is looking for. And I hear about jobs. I will tell Tom, right. 

So this is the power of networking, not only like are the cybersecurity jobs posted in these servers, but they're actually you know, there's people who are kind of looking out for you as you begin to communicate. Now, one important thing I'd like to point out with, you know, using discord and networking, right? Yes, I know, if you're looking for work, you're like, that's your focus, and you're moving on that. That's awesome, I understand. But don't approach discord. As I'm going to use this to get a job right, approach it as I'm going to become, or I'm going to increase my level of involvement with the cybersecurity community, 

I can't put a timeframe on how quickly getting involved with discord will result in potential job opportunities being presented to you, but I'm telling you, they will be and you will find out about them, and you will build a professional network and it will pay dividends in the long run and after you get the GRC job, if that's what you want him to use this course for. You'll continue to be part of that community. And it's just it's just absolutely fantastic. 

So definitely get on Discord. How do you find these different servers? Right? So you can see I've got a ton of them, right? How do you know about him right? So first of all, what I'd recommend is you find out where you want to go and where you want to go right. 

So let's let's check this out. We've got Google up right here. Right and let's say you know, Black Hills right because that's a really great Discord server that you should consider checking out right so Black Hills Information Security page. Okay, here we are. This is their page. What do we do so I hit search and I'm typing discord. 00 results. 

Okay, let's go to the contact page. Scroll to the bottom, there is the link for their Discord server. Boom. There we are, we're in the right. So any kind of site or business or vendor that you find that you're finding interesting? They likely have a Discord server. 

Let's just try it again. Really quickly. To make an example try hack me but the great platform a lot of people use it. I'm a fan or you can try to hack me. Here we are. Here we are at the try hack me. Page Ctrl F discord all the way to the bottom on their socials. Here's discord. Boom. And we're in Hackney . It looks like I haven't even joined. So I'm gonna click Join. Awesome. 

Now typically, when you join a new server, they have kind of like rules of the road that they want you to read. You can check them out. We'll give a thumbs up. And it says before you can talk, please read the rules. Okay, no problem. I've read the rules, submit. Okay, and boom, we're in. And you can see here, like, I just joined this one. 

So I don't even know what to expect here. jobs board. Nailed it. See what I mean? This is how this is how it's done in 2022. Right. So hopefully, that's helpful as far as how you can find these discord servers. 

Now as far as GRC goes, I do want to say let's do this. Well, okay, so another thing that you can do, right, that is valuable for networking, is another thing you can do that's valuable for networking is networking with people in your area, right. So maybe you want to say cybersecurity community. Texas, Discord, right. Just Just for example. Let's see. I should have prepared for this but you can see Texas a&m cybersecurity. They may have a discord. Click here to join our Discord. Okay, so Cyberduck club. 

I'm not going to join this but you can see right here, click here to join. So if you lived near Texas a&m, and you wanted to get involved. Look at how they have meetings every Wednesday from seven to 8pm. Right? This group has meetings, Thursday seven to nine. So you can start engaging with your local community, wherever it is just put in wherever you are, cybersecurity, Discord or club or whatever, and you can begin to build that. 

Okay. So that is one technique for finding, finding work, finding a job. Another one that I want to show you, again, is free, is LinkedIn. Right? So we built our profile out nicely recently. Let's go ahead and use LinkedIn. So at the top, there's a jobs button, right? We can search. And we're gonna say date posted, we're not gonna do that entry level, you know, maybe associate depending on who you are, but we'll stick with entry level. Company, we'll leave blank. And let's see if we can, how can we that'd be a place to put a I want to do remote work. And job type. 

Two things is I want to be able to say, oh, here it is the top left GRC. Analyst. Okay, let's see what it brings back. 4000 results? Okay. Pretty good. Let's, let's just go to the first one card, comm full time entry level, software services GRC. Analysts will assist in implementing policies, procedures and standards. We did that in the governance module people, right? 

Let's see, analysts will stay up to date on the latest cyber security intelligence. We're doing that with the first things first morning briefing that I put on through simply cyber as one as one option, right, you can do that. But the important thing is, I told you, you're going to get asked this question in an interview. So you'll have the ability to answer that, right. 

Let's look at the responsibilities of implementing a security program, using frameworks, we covered frameworks already. So you got that in your resume. Risk analysis, we did that. So you got that already. improved security posture through policy, we did that you got this, right, you guys can see like rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. 

Understand its policies, that's fine. Bonus points, a bachelor's degree. So you don't even need a bachelor's degree in order to get this job. But it helps, right, we got some certifications that would help Of course, it looks like a great opportunity for someone. Remember, it's a remote. 

So you can, you know, follow this group if you want, we can go ahead and click Apply now if we want right here and apply to the job. Now what I would say just like this is a great job and an easy way to find it. I hope I just demonstrated that. Now here's another really interesting thing that I would point out: you can follow the company, right? Let's follow them no big deal. 

Now let's do this. We're gonna click on the company world's first true and ecommerce as a service platform. Very cool. Austin is a hub right now, if you didn't know it is like a, like a tech, big tech startup kind of hub place. But check this out cards leadership team, you could start seeing these people. 

Wonder if we can find anyone that works there. That's where I'd want to hear people. People who work there, okay, where they live. People you may know, here we go. Senior GRC auditor at card calm. You would probably work directly with this person or for this person. Do you see what is going on here? You can connect with this person and shoot him a message. Hey, what's up, I just wanted to say hi, I'm a, you know, GRC professional and wanting to expand my network. 

You don't have to say I applied for the job. And I want you to like me, you can just say I'm a GRC professional here. I'm going to do it right now. I'm going to add a note. Hey, hi. I'm also a cybersecurity professional. And wanted to join your network. Boom. Okay, send it off. Okay, there you go. It's pending. 

So maybe Carrie accepts my invitation or does not but if she does, you know, then you can start you know, hey, like, Thanks for connecting with me, like, hey, you know, do you like do you like working in the GRC space? I'm considering making a move there, whatever it is. It's all about networking, right? 

Maybe you actually have a great conversation with Carrie. And then you drop Oh, hey, I noticed you had that job. I applied to it. You know, maybe it works out, maybe it doesn't have a good one. Okay, so hopefully this section has, you know, been valuable to you and you've enjoyed it. We went through and showed you discord and how you can leverage it to build a professional network, find jobs, using it and apply to them and really cut the line as far as knowing whether or not it's a good fit for you knowing whether or not the person who is the manager of that job is tough to work with or something like that, right you can find these things through that informal discord communication platform. 

Also, we went through and looked at LinkedIn and like straight up, you know, found a job. That's pretty awesome for anyone completing this course and how you can take that next step to kind of differentiate yourself, stand out, find out more about the company that people will work there and begin networking just like on Discord except through the LinkedIn platform. I hope you had a good time. Let's head into the next section.

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