0.1 Welcome to the Course and Expectations

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Welcome to the course. I hope you enjoy your experience and get real value from it. We've got a lot to cover so let's get to it.


Course Objectives

You might be wondering, what is this course going to do for me. Well I got you covered.

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate core GRC Analyst capabilities including risk analysis, security awareness content creation, and audit
  • Explain the structure and implementation of cybersecurity frameworks in an organization
  • Identify how the GRC analyst contributes to an overall information security program
  • Carry out an information security audit or assessment
  • Build effective information security awareness content
  • Utilize content to improve opportunities to discover and acquire a GRC analyst role

Video Transcription

Hello, and welcome to the GRC analyst masterclass. My name is Gerald Auger. I will be your instructor for this entire program, and I'm super excited about GRC. And I'm really excited about taking you through this journey as you begin to learn all the facets of becoming a GRC Analyst. 

So the course itself is based on all the functions that happen within a GRC role within an organization, and we'll get into where GRC fits and all that. So don't worry if it doesn't make any sense to you right now, but just know that the GRC analyst is a capability within an information security program at most companies that has very specific functions. We cover in this class, all of it. Also, as far as prerequisite go, if you don't understand technology or networks or anything like that, there is a primer that I've put together to give you the foundation, the bare essentials, the fundamentals that you'll need in order to really appreciate the whole course. 

Now the course is broken up into several modules, which I think makes sense logically. We have a section, obviously, the primer, as I mentioned, then we get into the work. So there is a governance piece, there is a risk piece, there is a compliance piece, there's a security awareness piece, and there's an audit piece. Those are the categories of functions that a GRC analyst would be expected to do in some capacity or another, and once we've given you all of those skills, we have an entire module around actually getting a GRC analyst job: how do you get your resume looking tight? How do you find those jobs? How do you interview well? 

My goal with this whole course, is not just to give you the tools to become a GRC analyst, but see you all the way through. So if you get to the end of the class and you want to be a GRC analyst, you like the work and you find it interesting, you'll have the tools to go ahead and push through and get that job. I'm really excited about that. 

Now, a couple things about the class that I want to set expectations on. You'll notice in some of the lectures, some of the modules are very, very formal with slide decks and pictures. Everything is done really, really traditional lecture style. Some of the classes and videos and modules are much more free flowing, and I actually did them live with people who were in attendance. Unexpectedly, I did not promote this, I just hit live, and I just went ahead. I've been doing this work for 17 years. I'm very, very, very, very familiar with it. So I just hit live, and I just go through and I cover it. I think that you'll be able to contrast the two and find value in both of them from different perspectives. 

Okay, another thing, be sure to check back with this class because on launch, there will be a couple pieces that could use improvement. I'm not saying that I'm pushing out a hot trash course. I'm just saying based on feedback, based on student response areas that could be improved; I'm going to go in and add to it continue to add to it. Because you've gotten this far, it means you have access to the course, and you will always have access to the course. So be aware that that will continue on, and I will provide reference in the prerequisite section and course resources of the Discord server where you'll be able to connect with me and get more up to date information at any point.

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